Let’s talk about Chris Stacey.

Tucked in a narrow alleyway between two semi-detached houses on 35 Dane Rd, Coventry, you’ll find Stacey’s repairs.

Resurrecting my car from its sorry state was nothing short of a miracle. For the sake of my insurance company and likely-shaking mother, I’d like to make it clear I was not in an accident.

The fact of the matter is, I cannot park to save my life. With my previous job, I drove on average over 1000 miles per month, visiting dozens of department stores and high streets. Needless to say, parking was a nightmare. Some car parks are more manageable than others.

Being without a car is possibly one of the most trying experiences of my time on earth. Having to cycle to my various appointments was a prime example of first world problems. In reality it wasn’t so trying at all.

Chris Stacey is an exceptional mechanic. In the space of a week, he managed to remove any trace of my incapacity to park. The photograph does not show that the other side of the car was similarly scratched and that there was a dent in the rear bumper from Warwick University’s Car Park 8. I’d managed to back it into a yellow pillar of all things. You’d have thought I’d have seen it.

The above picture is of Chris’ new garage space. It should be finished imminently and promises to boost Chris’ productivity and output.

An astute and highly efficient mechanic, Chris Stacey promised to make my car seem as though it were brand new. And he did so wonderfully. Even when I bought it, the car did not look as good. His price is fair and reflective of the high standard of his work.

Stacey’s service is incomparable to many mechanics which have previously worked on my car. Yes, mother, I’m afraid there have been a few appointments to the body shop I didn’t tell you about. Chris exceeded his promise to drive me from the garage to my home. He also drove me to a bakery and a Polish Delicatessen in order to pick up some bread and smoked ham.

The ensuing slow cooked lentil soup was a terrific success.

Chris kept me up to date with developments to my car and came to pick me up when it was ready.

Not a scratch! I am grateful to Chris for his professionalism and superb workmanship.

I could not recommend him highly enough. Strikingly new looking and fully valeted. Gold standard service.