This gorgeous little niche is hidden in front of St Mary’s Church, Stafford. I have the misfortune of being employed. My work sends me across the country on various daily errands. Around lunchtime, I often enjoy eating. This particular lunchtime saw me dining at the Grove. This restaurant is unassuming yet really rather friendly.

The first thing which caught my eye were these homemade scones. Of course I ate savoury before sweet but these were in the back of my mind the entire meal. Make sure you take one before your meal. They will all be gone by the time you finish.

My first of many visits to the Grove consisted of a simple meal. I asked the waiter what his best panini was. He replied; brie and cranberry.

All the sandwiches are home made, hand cut and baked with only the freshest ingredients on the day. This transpires in the quality of each luscious bite. This may have been a humble sandwich, but it packed a punch. The salad was lovely too.

The atmosphere at the Grove is marvellous. You feel propelled back to the late 1940s. The Grove is welcoming, quiet and secluded. I was really impressed with it, and so too will you.

While you’re there, have a look around Stafford town. It is absolutely charming.