NB – Unfortunately The Stable has closed since this review was written. Please take this piece as an appreciative tribute to the excellent food and service we experienced there. 

During the first national lockdown (of three), Matthew and I would walk past The Stable frequently. We would observe the plants inside die slowly which each passing day. The Stable had remained shut through most of the lockdown, all the way through August, in fact. We would bemoan the fact that we were not able to avail ourselves of Mr Sunak’s aptly named Eat Out To Help Out (or, as London Lady Emily put it ‘Go Down to Save Town’) scheme. However, much to our indescribable glee, The Stable opened its doors again and allowed visitors to avail themselves of a 50% discount all the way through September. This post is an amalgam of the two visits we made in that time.

Firstly I would like to highlight the star of the show, the Sheppy’s low alcohol cider. This was the sweetest most delightfully fizzy, apple tasting cider I have sampled. I was really very impressed with it and felt I had to share this.

Sadly, the menu this first month is reduced to the Pizza and Sharer menu. However, we did not let this stop us. The only downfall of course is that after 2 visits, one samples most of the menu. This is hardly a complaint however, as most of it was delicious. Above is pictured the garlic bread sharer pizza. This consisted of sourdough pizza base, garlic butter and chopped parsley. The thing which ties the bases together in this restaurant is how thin and light the dough it. I have yet to leave this restaurant feeling overfilled, as it were. We had this alongside the Pesto Pecker salad, consisting of chicken thigh, pesto, heritage tomato, green leaves, cucumber and green onion, topped with garlic croutons and fresh chillies. I do not have a picture of it as it was too dark at the time, however I can confirm that it was highly flavoursome. The pesto and the chicken, cold, with salad is an excellent healthy meal. The portion was large enough for both Matthew and I, which is rare.

The best pizza I sampled was the Longhorn Tim, with marinated ground beef, chorizo, field mushrooms, mozzarella and red onion topped with smoked ham. Though, as you can see, I replaced the beef with sriracha chicken, performing a small part in slowing down climate change. The pizza was a masterful collection of flavours. the smoked ham and chorizo went so very well together. The melted cheese was not overwhelming and the bass was so thin that I could handle three quarters of it all by myself like a big boy. Normally I would only eat half of a pizza at a time, if at all.

This was the vegan pizza on offer. Normally I would spit on the ground thrice at the very mention of the V word but on this occasion I was surprised at how flavoursome and balanced this pizza was. The Blazing Jack contained rapscallion BBQ jackfruit with roasted peppers, caramelised onion and vegan mozzarella, finished with jalapeños and butterbean aioli. Together, this was not as great as my pizza but was a tasty alternative to environmental destruction (with exception of the soy cheese and most soy products).

The Hazelnutter was another vegetarian feast. Comprising of spinach, field mushrooms, caramelised onion, green beans and vegan cheese, topped with, you guessed it, hazelnuts, this was excellently tasty and greatly fibrous. The tartness of the caramelised onion was weighed beautifully against the more bland mushrooms and beans. Again, this was a light and highly flavoursome pizza which impressed me.

Overall, the Stable is a solid choice for lunch or dinner. It is light and cost effective, even without the 50% discount of up to £10. Additionally, it is right in the heart of Birmingham. You can see New Street Station clearly from most seats in the restaurant.