“Yes indeed sir, a hair cut is a hair enhanced”

There are many hidden gems in Coventry. To my mind, people often laud Leamington Spa over Coventry but this is an error. The White Room is one such gem. Tucked away at 9 Hay Ln (CV1 5RF), they offer a premium service in a premium location.

Hay Lane is one of the most gorgeous streets in the city, ranking amongst my other two favourites: Spon Street and Trinity Street. It seems to have lost none of its pre-war charm. While the White Room is not one of the rare shops which have kept their original wooden beams in the ceiling, the decor is fantastic. Dozens of hanging lights scattered about; wonderful oak floors and a striking graffiti artwork on their feature wall by Phil “Philth” Drake.

Interestingly perhaps, Philth is also responsible for several of the paintings on the wall of The White Room.

Upon entering, one is greeted by a friendly smile and directed to the nearest ornate Chesterfield fainting couch, pictured below. a cup of tea or coffee follows in quick succession. I would suggest putting a tissue or some sort of mug cover over it if you plan on consuming it during your sheering. Nobody on this earth takes their coffee with hair. Well perhaps Ned Flanders.

There are a range of hairdressers to choose from, each with their own amount of experience, priced accordingly. I’ve never been disappointing by a haircut here as of yet, which is an achievement as I’m quite meticulous about my hair cuts.

The best part of this fine salon is that on Mondays and Tuesdays students get their hair cut 50% off. It pains me to think students at my university go to the Warwick University hairdressers, which have disappointed me each and every time I’ve been, whereas this hair utopia is a mere 3 miles away.

In summation, I suggest this salon for three reasons: excellent service; masterfully skilled hairdressers and rare glamour in the heart of Coventry.

The White Room Hair Salon Coventry