Let it be known that I adore Kevin Bacon. This film is perhaps not his best (Footloose might qualify), but it is the only one which he has watched again, according to the man himself. This film follows the story of handymen Val (Bacon) and Earl (Fred Ward) who find themselves embroiled in an extra terrestrial – or should it be sub terrestrial – attack on a town called Perfection. The ridiculousness is almost unpalatable at times but the film is overall a funny, accessible treat which I recommend.

Unsuspecting handymen Val and Earl pass though a sleepy, dusty town called Perfection, and end up being handier than they thought as they help rescue the inhabitants from a plague of giant underground worms who keep popping up and picking off the populace. Empire
This was director Ron Underwood’s first feature length film and was produced by Gayle Anne Hurd who was involved in Aliens. I must say he made a great attempt at it. This is at once a fun film in and of itself as well as a pastiche of 1950s monster horrors and Jaws style films – the unseen monster lurking beneath the surface. But instead of showing a determined organised fright fuelled rebellion, Tremors utilises two cowboy builders to battle the beasts.
Why do I recommend this film? It is silly, it is funny and it is inoffensive. You have a group of dim witted builders trying at once to fend off a hoard of earth worm-esque monsters and at the same time trying to make money off of the situation. The crescendo of the film, if that is the correct term, is when the villagers of Perfection all huddle on their respective roofs and bombard the monsters with a series of increasingly impressive firearms and explosives.
Overall, this is a fun, unobjectionable film which will have you sat down for a very enjoyable 90 minutes.