The words ‘vegan’ and ‘Digbeth’ are all to often heard together in the same sentence. Before my visit to the Warehouse Cafe, you could forgive me for thinking this was a spurious association. Digbeth is known for its magnificent Digbeth Dining Club, as well as the wealth of wonderful art peppered around its winding streets. The Dining Club is not entirely, or even majority vegan, nor am I for that matter. But sometimes it is worth taking a chance. And of course I like to forego meat a few times a week for my own conscience.

When Louise, Matthew and I arrived at the Warehouse, we were delighted at the charming environs and relaxed atmosphere. Then we saw the menu. It is a sad reality that I am not a cow. Having four stomachs would have helped me enormously in making my decision as to what to eat. In the end, my one stomach and I decided to opt for the Seitan Kebab.

The Seitan Kebab combined pita, soya yoghurt, basil and siracha mayo with seitan in what can only be described as a flavour explosion. Seitan is a wheat meat substitute made from Gluten. It is difficult to describe the flavours, partly because my memory isn’t what it was but also because they are so alien to the modern Western palette.

Matthew in his learned wisdom opted for the Buddha Bowl. This consisted of grains, vegetables, sweet chilli sauce, tahini and hummus, A vegan feast whose primary flavour laid in the fitst two centimetres of its depth. Beyond that it is mostly grains. But the sauces make up for it.

I must say, Louise rather hit the jackpot on this occasion. The dirty kebab burger was everything we hoped it would be. Seitan, sauerkraut, cranberry jam and jalepeno peppers combined to make a mind blowing burger. This was unlike any burger I have ever tasted, and I have tasted far too many already. Sauerkraut is my krautptonite, if you’ll pardon the excruciating pun, so this was quite divine for me.

While we were there, we sampled almost everything on the dessert menu. I will tell you about my personal highlight… it is pictured below.


The Key lime pie and banana slice were excellent… But the apple crumble muffin took the biscuit for me. It was moist to a fault, had big chunks of apple and a delicious apple sauce in the middle which was its crowning achievement. I am bowled over by this restaurant and will return in the near future.

Let me know what you guys think of it.