As none of you were aware, I went to Oxfordshire recently for a peaceful weekend. Getting out of Birmingham has become a great joyful comfort for me. Being away from one’s home town periodically gives great perspective. This goes some way in resetting my creative metre, as it were, and provide you all with a much boosted sarcastic outlook on my various escapades.

Brampton is an idyllic village in the Cotswolds. It lies about 4 miles from Witney. The West Ox Arts Gallery is a jewell in the middle of Brampton village. Inside, there is a spacious gallery which showcases local artists’ work. The light streams in from large vaulted windows, as can be seen below.

Since the gallery hosts 12 exhibitions a year, it is unlikely you will see the same pieces as I have when you visit. But it is worth pointing out some of the pieces I found most exceptional.

The first is this magnificent fused glass bowl. I felt the vibrancy of the colours was astonishing. Fusing glass is not an easy process, even for the most simple combinations. There’s a kiln involved and all sorts of scalpels and tongs, not to mention the fusing gloves. There is a real skill in creating something this complex and beautiful. I can only commend Pamela Fyvie, the artist.

Pamela also created this astonishing time piece using the same method. Observe the variations within each strand of fused blue glass. This pseudo-patriotic artwork delighted me completely.

But above all, this stunning acrylic work by Leigh Henry stole my heart. If anyone is willing to spend £345 on my birthday present, six months in advance, I would be most grateful. The bold brush strokes, startling colour contrasts and overall concept of this piece shook me. I could stare at it for hours and not be bored for a moment.

I encourage you to go to West Ox Arts Gallery if ever you are in the region. It is well worth an hour of your time.