This will likely be my last post regarding my trip to Hull, which now occurred some months ago. As you can see my ‘holidays’ are less about relaxing and more about covering ground, enjoying the local offerings and invariably exhausting myself. Indeed I covered 200km in two outings on the bike during my bank holiday August weekend. The second 100km cycle went through Huggate. St Nick and I went past this Inn on the last day of our Way of the Roses cycle (that was a 400km cycle for me!) and decided to return.

Bangers and Mash… hit the spot!

The Huggate Inn sits 170 metres (558 feet) above sea level which meant quite a shocking ascent from flat Hull! I arrived at the restaurant and ordered our food and a well deserved pint of cider to give me some calories and sugar in my system. Two 100km cycles in three days does use up many calories. I ordered the bangers and mash, having learned long ago that when cycling one should not overload oneself mid ride. This was the perfect portion size, with beautiful locally sourced pork sausages, which were fulsome and relatively light. The meat was supplied by M & K butchers in York, a traditional family owned and run butchers. This made it all the more delicious to me. The gravy was a sensation.

Nick and his angrily folded arms, perhaps because I was holding up his lunch for the sake of a photograph, Nick went for the Wolds Inn steak pie, with some beautiful homemade shortcrust pastry. This was a divine home made dish with just the right amount of bitterness. I was only allowed one morsel but could see why this was the eponymous dish for this wonderful restaurant. Nick went on to have some sponge cake and custard which was reminiscent of something I ate at primary school, all the better for the nostalgic element. I recommend this Inn to anyone in the vicinity. There are some excellent views of the best county in the Country in the immediate environs.

The cover photograph is my cycle, Excelsior, prior to a punishing ascent to the Inn. What a view!