Oh me oh my, this was probably the best meal on the Way of the Roses trip. We arrived to the Craiglands hotel in Grassington, unpacked and cleaned up then headed to dinner. Our fellow guests were shocked that we were eating there, as it seems to have a reputation for exorbitant costs. The costs were certainly close to budget but not excessive I found. Portion size could be described as minimalist but certainly the flavour is concentrated in each beautiful morsel!

Grassington House? I didn’t know we were staying with millionaires!

We skipped the starter to concentrate on the main and not overload ourselves for the ride in the day to come. Nick went for a vegetarian dish, the spinach Spätzle. Spätzle a type of small noodle or dumpling made with fresh eggs. Typically it is served with meat but this time it was served with breaded goats cheese bon bons. This was also served with pickled beetroot and fresh rocket. I had a small part of the bon bon which was cooked beautifully, as you would expect. The batter was the crispiest possible without being brittle. The pasta itself was cooked well and seasoned intelligently.

I had to have the Yorkshire Lamb. Seared loin with a lamb wellington (thank you very much), broad beans, peas and a wild garlic pomme pureé. This was possibly the smallest meal I have ever had but also ranks among the most flavourful. The quality of the food at Grassington House cannot be overstated and was reminiscent of the meal I had some years ago at Kampa Park in Prague.

This was a dish which was levels of spectacular. Fantastic consistency on the lamb, on the brink of being fondant but still tough enough to have the consistency of well cooked lamb. The pastry on the wellington was feather light and the filling balanced the lamb against what I believe was mushroom quite beautifully. The garlic pomme pureé was also sensational, light, fluffy and so flavoursome. A small meal even by flea standards but one of substantial beauty.

The cheese course consisted of Tunworth, Dale End Cheddar, Fellstone and Leeds blue, the only one on the list made form sheep as opposed to cow’s milk. Those who have been within 4.5 miles of my location will be aware by favourite cheese is Roquefort. The Leeds blue was the closest in terms of flavour to this so was of course my favourite on the plate.

A very creamy soft cheese which is fresh like their Pecorino, most similar in texture to a Gorgonzola. A gentle mild blue aged for 30 days with savoury notes, a little bitter with some sweetness that lingers in your mouth. George & Joseph

Overall, a staggering restaurant even if the portion size were more fit for a door mouse than a 6 foot pedant. We will most certainly be returning in future.