I booked a table for two at Mida’s in on a Saturday night in June 2019. When I arrived, I found Mida to be closing down, chairs already piled high and staff leaving. When I asked him what was going on he told me his chef (his wife – he’d forgotten that I’ve eaten there many times before) was ill and had to go home. This is fine, but the thing which annoyed me was that I left him a phone number, at his request. I was not contacted with the news. This was extremely frustrating, on top of which it is nigh impossible to find a table in Stratford on a Saturday. Caveat Emptor – either call to confirm the booking or book elsewhere all together.


When I think of Mida, I am overwhelmed with joy. This wonderful man has one thing on his mind. From the moment you enter his restaurant, your happiness is his only goal. I first discovered this oasis of excellent service whilst visiting with some alumni of the Shakespeare at Winedale programme run by the University of Texas. Having only read 5 of the 37 plays Shakespeare wrote, I was somewhat out of my depth in the initial conversation. I was able to focus more fully on the service and the quality of the food, both of which were impressive. Mida has a unique way of making you feel at home and welcome.       I returned some weeks later with my dearest. Except this time, I was able to take her to the upper floor of Mida’s.         In a moment, we were transported to Morocco. Draped ceiling; authentic decor; comfortable seating and bar service. But I have yet to mention the culinary side of this restaurant. I called ahead of my second visit and asked Mida, who remembered me, to save some tagine for us. He exceeded all expectations. Now before you loose your minds, I should say we were too busy enjoying the food to take pictures of it, a rare trait which I encourage you to undertake. Mida’s wife had made us two Tagines, one lamb and one chicken.  A tagine is “a North African stew of spiced meat and vegetables prepared by slow cooking in a shallow earthenware cooking dish with a tall, conical lid.” according to the Oxford dictionary. Now the rest of this picture-free lauding of Mida’s tagine can be enjoyed by all. The meat fell from the bone flawlessly. The prunes; onion; carrots and potatoes, mixed with innumerable spices, created an amalgamation of perfection which I cannot recommend enough. The portion size was vast, one could have been enough for two. The larger tagine was served alongside two smaller tagines filled with even more deliciously cooked vegetables. This meal left me feeling satisfied but not overburdened, which is the mark of excellent quality food for me. The decor,too, was very much to my liking. I love places which have various cluttered antiquities put together in an eclectic fashion. I was especially fond of the Three Wise Owls (pictured above on the top shelf in the middle). In all, Mida has consistently delivered quality in culinary concepts as well as excellent service. To top it all off he speaks fluent French and Italian. If and when you’re in Stratford looking for a top shelf Moroccan dinner, this is the restaurant for you.