When I started this blog, I looked to find and laud these rare gems you find. The kind of places that make you whisper “wow” under your breath.

Stoke Bakery is one such place. Secluded in West Coventry, far away from civilisation, my favourite of the two Stoke Bakeries in town opens its doors.

The first question anyone should ask themselves in a new city, aside from where they are going to sleep, is: “where do the locals eat?”. The answer for Coventry is Stoke Bakery. The majority of the clientele each time I have visited have been local contractors and fabricators. The ladies behind the counter operate like a well-oiled machine, executing orders from customers with efficiency and grace.

When you order a sandwich from the deli, you know you’re in for a treat. My flatmate and I were out house hunting, ergo my last visit encompassed a quick visit before moving onto the next property. A sandwich within a sandwich (of house viewings). Sandwichception. I need more sleep.

We had cheddar and chive; chicken tikka and tandory chicken sandwiches. One and a half each: £8 in total. Phenomenal quality and value for money. Making your own bread from scratch reduces production costs dramatically. I make all of my own at home, using flour sourced from A Di Maria and Son. Honestly, these are really super sandwiches. Better than anything you’d be able to buy in town. Homemade bread; fresh fillings made daily; made-to-measure cakes. This bakery is a winner.