As hardly any of you know, I spent my holiday period in Newcastle. Hence my intake of new music was accelerated, as is frequently the case, by proximity to my father, Paul. Nonetheless Anatomical Venus was my own discovery. And to see it here, bestowed with the coveted Album of the Month, is an achievement. You have no idea how much groundbreaking music I was introduced to over my ten days in the North. But Black Moth was an album to which I consistently returned.

Dark, melodic, powerful and above all, furious, the latest record from Black Moth totally rips, and presents a cohesive narrative that explores feminist themes.

Anatomical Venus, the title, is inspired by wax models, a perfect image to sum up the objectification and de-humanisation that much of the lyrics deal with. New Noise

This album is undeniably powerful. New Noise are right to highlight their favourite track as Sisters of Stone. The powerful title is supported by an equally potent track.

Considering it was written over a year ago, it felt very timely releasing this on the centenary of Votes For Women, and with the wave of female empowerment around #metoo/#timesup campaigns. LouderSounds

I have to say, listening to it for the second time today, I am shocked at the consistency of the harmonies as well as the pace of this album overall. To think these guys are from Leeds, a town close to my heart. The album is so cohesive and large. I’m a great fan of enormity in music and the scale of this album is just that.

Pig Man is another highlight for me. It speaks, weirdly, about Satanic farmhands in New Haven who would fornicate with pigs in the hope of creating devilish offspring and bring the devil to Earth. How wonderfully morbid and mislead. Had they been privy to the anatomical venus equivalent of a pig, perhaps they wouldn’t have put all the effort in!

In any case, this album is really very good. I hope you enjoy it and dance to it as much as I did!