On account of this wretched pandemic, Bonehead Chicken only allows you to order their divine food through Uber Eats. One is not yet allowed inside the fine establishment so please forgive my photographs for not being of the usual quality one might expect on this blog. I have had to pinch photographs from blogs which visited in person in the Before Time.

I would like to first draw your attention to the exquisite waffle fries which were a gift from Heaven. Their consistency was delightful, just turgid enough. Their size was just enough for a mouthful. The level of seasoning was superb. They were also cooked to perfection.

The Buffalo Soldier –

Fried Chicken Thigh, Buffalo Hot Pepper Sauce, Blue Cheese Sauce, Shredded Lettuce & Pickle.

This photograph was pinched from Independent Birmingham, a superb app/ website which promotes local independent restaurants, bars and pubs in the city. I urge you to look into it and sign up. It has made my life immeasurably better. The Buffalo Soldier was a hellishly good burger. What amazed me the most about both burgers was that they held together wonderfully.

I won’t include a picture of the Bonehead Burger because it does not look nearly as delicious as the one above, however I can confirm it was some of the most beautifully cooked chicken I have had in months. The seasoning was not all together present in the latter and the former was greatly enhanced for its blue cheese sauce.

Overall I found this to be a most excellent venue and I hope to return soon after my next pay day. I am most impressed by its location, delivery time and robust burgers. But equally deserving of praise are its wonderful waffle fries, which I shall be devouring more of as soon as possible.