After a long day of walking around Split and recovering from the massive amounts of alcohol consumed at lunchtime, the gang and I decided to dine at Buffet Fife. Just to clarify, I am not the head of an infamous Croatian gang, I was merely referring to my friends.

Fife is characterised by its proximity to the harbour and the copious portions of its food. I was impressed by the quality of each of the dishes, especially the one I ordered.

Sauerkraut. There’s nothing quite like it. This dish takes forever to make and moments to consume. Fife did it wonderfully well, the dish was soft and not too vinegary. The pork and mashed potato worked beautifully together. This is a great choice for a light evening meal in Split.

The other two in my criminal(ly handsome) gang had fish dishes. Now, those of you close enough to me will know that I loathe fish. In light of this, I looked on wearily, casting my mind back to a solemn youth where fish was forced upon me. A scene flashed before my eyes when I was chased through a Carrefour by an octopus wielding fishmonger. That, if any, was the moment I decided fish was not for me.

From the muffled positive groans, I could tell they enjoyed their sea bass and prawns respectively. Now, the gnocchi I did try. As you can see from photographs above and below, they were homemade and quite delicious.

Try the Pašticada with the gnocchi. It fairly gnocched us out. See what I did there?

In summation, Fife was the perfect place for an evening meal. It was cheap, well located and excellent quality. The portions were copious and the service was relatively good. Do go there if ever you’re in Split.