I’ll set the scene: it is Sunday morning, Mass is over and I am having a coffee with Louise. Having friends and commitments, she is unable to go for Sunday lunch. I am forced to dine alone like a solitary seagull. Cafe Reem is four minutes’ cycle from St Mary’s church, making it a new favourite for my Sunday lunch.

Now, when I am upset I tend not to eat. This week has been trying to say the least and I didn’t feel like gorging myself. I ordered the falafel first. the waiter showed genuine excitement when suggesting them to me. He said they were the best in town. Now, I have seldom eaten falafel in any town so I had little with which to compare them.

The presentation was unpretentious and the flavour, superb. The fennel and sesame danced together in a frenzied rhythm which gave the dish a wonderful feel. And to top it off, it was not heavy at all. I was left with plenty of room for my next dish.

This is possibly the best halloumi wrap I have had in my life. The flavours battled violently and reminded me of the potential heights achievable using this Cypriot cheese. The imhamara sauce blew my mind. Truly a stunning dish, I recommend it with all my hands.

To finish off this splendid Sunday meal, I ordered a cardamon Americano. I have discovered coffee relatively recently, and this one was formidable. Personally, I should say the cardamon was a little strong. But then, it is almost impossible to use cardamon without frying the end consumer’s eyebrows.

In all, I am deeply impressed by my small far. It’s proximity to my Harborne home means that I shall be returning again and again. I shall bring all my friends too, because the price is rice. After your meal, you might enjoy a walk through Grove Park, which provides me with endless inspiration. The majesty of creation is not to be sniffed at.