You’ll never guess which reviewer was in Newcastle last week! Well, you might be able to, it was me. After marvelling at the architecture surrounding Newcastle Station, I was driven to Casa Antonio. Now, when I lived in High Heaton I would go here quite often. The most attractive feature of Casa Antonio is that you can get 3 courses for £4.95. Yes you read right.

Potato Skins are generally my choice for starter, though the soup of the day are always winners. Crispy and light, they pair wonderfully with the sauces provided. But what is great about them is that they still have some of the potato flesh inside which means some of them are chewy. Really there isn’t much else to say, but trust me when I tell you that this dish is fantastic.

Father went for the ragu pizza, which I had a bite of. The dough was made fresh, the topics were good quality and the smell thoroughly intoxicating.

I, on the other hand, went for the pepperoni. When I lived in Rome, I craved one such pizza. Of course it did not occur to me then, until it was too late, that pepperoni has a different meaning in Italian. In this fine language, pepperoni refers to peppers, such as a bell pepper. So you can imagine my shock when my pizza arrived in Rome with green topings instead of red ones!

Nonetheless, the pepperoni (in the English sense) from Casa Antonio was sterling. Not too filling and piping hot. Really delightful dish.

The third course is either ice cream or coffee. Having travelled four hours from Birmingham, I decided to have a coffee. Their espresso is really very good. Cafe lunghi, not so much. I hope you’ll find the time to eat there next time you’re in Newcastle. When considering the volume and quality of food one can get for under £5, the value for money is astonishing.