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A Di Maria & Sons – Italian Wholesalers

It is rare to see me aghast, but pulling into the yard of A Di Maria and Sons saw my jaw drop. I’ve returned from perhaps my sixth visit to this wondrous place. An oasis in Coventry. This family run business has truly taken my breath away. From start to finish, this is more than a wholesaler, it is an experience. And a splendid one. Based in Foleshill, North Coventry, this is the definitive place for those craving excellent value and quality of food. I’ve had the opportunity to speak to the Young Mr Di Maria (yes that is...

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The Cotswolds Distillery

There are several ways to deal with great upset. One most commonly adopted is to drown one’s sorrows in whiskey. Others prefer leaving the house and taking a long drive. Today, I found a way to combine the two. I drove almost an hour to get to¬† my furthest Coventry Gem as of yet: The Cotswolds Distillery. I had searched for the greatest town in the Warwickshire region. Shipston-on-Stour. I spoke about this to Alison, the generous girl who gave me a private tour of the distillery (on account of tours being booked completely until March). She joked about...

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Ye Olde Saracen’s Head, Balsall Common

“Ah, you’re the food blogger.” Even before my blog goes live, my reputation precedes me. But trumpet blowing aside, it is true that I returned to the Saracen’s Head. I had to. And hopefully so too shall you, dear reader. This 16th Century pub makes the most accurate pizzeria in the Coventry area. Wood fired stone oven, crispy crust and terrific toppings make for an old round stunning pizza. OF course the Saracen’s head also makes other food, for those not inclined towards pizza. But the subject of this review shall focus on this dish. I took my flatmates...

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Rising Cafe, Coventry

From the ruins of Coventry Cathedral rises what can only be described as an oasis in the desert. This quaint post-war themed cafe restaurant run by Betel, a UK charity, left me with a wide grin on my face which hasn’t gone away in the entire two hours I’ve spent here. Allow me to set the scene. I am the first customer of the day. I arrive ten minutes before opening to get some good pictures. I had the right idea because not a quarter hour after my arrival, the place was packed. Joyful customers came in droves to...

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