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La Singular Barcelona: An Astounding Lunch

A singular experiece by any description. La Singular is one of the most memorable restaurants I have visited. We were reccomended it by the Maitre D’ at Big Kokka. There are no more than ten tables at this secluded restaurant. We walk in before opening time because my stomach is impatient. The set menu is presented to us: 3 courses; a glass of wine and a bottle of water –  €10.50.  The portion sizes were huge but after two courses each; Claudia and I ordered another three courses to share. We effectively tried everything on the menu! And what a...

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Big Kokka – Sublime Nikkei in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter

I did not believe it possible for alimentation to bring a man to tears. Big Kokka proved me wrong.  Whilst savouring the butterfish marinated in miso with pickled Nikkei, I shed a tear. I was not aware, in my meagre experience, that anything so seemingly banal could move me. The fact that this dish was cooked over coals makes it even more extraordinary. Now as I have mentioned before, I don’t like fish – but this was a unique experience. Though it was love at first bite and I have yet to cease thinking about the butterfish, I must...

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Procaffeinate – Extraordinary Cafe & Bar Leamington Spa

Allow me to set the scene. It is a Tuesday morning. I am seated at my desk writing a ghastly piece of coursework. My hands are in pain from working all weekend. I say to myself, as I have many times before, that I need a superb hand cream or I will lose them. Like a good student, I did my research and found the cream of my dreams at House of Fraser. Grace (my car); B (my housemate) and I went to Leamington. Sadly, my chosen cream was out of stock. Dejected, I searched for something to do,...

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Mida’s Mediterranean Coffee House & Restaurant, Stratford-Upon-Avon

***UPDATE*** I booked a table for two at Mida’s in on a Saturday night in June 2019. When I arrived, I found Mida to be closing down, chairs already piled high and staff leaving. When I asked him what was going on he told me his chef (his wife – he’d forgotten that I’ve eaten there many times before) was ill and had to go home. This is fine, but the thing which annoyed me was that I left him a phone number, at his request. I was not contacted with the news. This was extremely frustrating, on top...

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A Di Maria & Sons – Italian Wholesalers

It is rare to see me aghast, but pulling into the yard of A Di Maria and Sons saw my jaw drop. I’ve returned from perhaps my sixth visit to this wondrous place. An oasis in Coventry. This family run business has truly taken my breath away. From start to finish, this is more than a wholesaler, it is an experience. And a splendid one. Based in Foleshill, North Coventry, this is the definitive place for those craving excellent value and quality of food. I’ve had the opportunity to speak to the Young Mr Di Maria (yes that is...

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