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Stoke Bakery – Sterling Sandwiches in West Coventry

When I started this blog, I looked to find and laud these rare gems you find. The kind of places that make you whisper “wow” under your breath. Stoke Bakery is one such place. Secluded in West Coventry, far away from civilisation, my favourite of the two Stoke Bakeries in town opens its doors. The first question anyone should ask themselves in a new city, aside from where they are going to sleep, is: “where do the locals eat?”. The answer for Coventry is Stoke Bakery. The majority of the clientele each time I have visited have been local...

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Le Storie – Splendid Study Spot in San Paolo

One’s Erasmus year rarely includes a lot of studying. There comes a time where one must focus. Sometimes (all the time), the stale air in the library and the three floors of internal suffering and panic don’t make for helpful revision. So I sought out a place with a calm and jovial atmosphere, away from all the dread of Roma Tre library. It just so happens, not 100 metres from the university, there is a little cafe called Le Storie. I found it and was amazed. Stefania Stefanini runs the place. Her inimitable charm and grace are a staple...

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Pizzeria Loffredo Roma – un Paradiso Terrestre

Something dawned on me when I was Rome recently. There are two periods in my life: before Loffredo and after. Loffredo’s Pizzeria, run by Gennaro and Gina, is the garden of Eden. Their Boscaiola (sausage meat; provola afumicata) is the forbidden fruit. It opens your eyes. By the second bite, you are self conscious. You’re awake. In a way it’s unfair because when you fly home, no pizza will ever be the same. The standard has been set and will rarely be reached or overcome. Moving from the metaphorical to the physical – Loffredo’s is far from the city...

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La Maisonette Ristrot Rome – Hidden Gem in Garbetella

Situated under Garbatella Bridge, this is one of the nicest restaurants I have been to in the Garbetella San Paolo area. Such was my dismay at the general choice in the area that I came to this restaurant with low expectations. These were exceeded from the moment I walked down the stairs leading to the entrance. This secluded restaurant was really quite a surprise. You can’t see it, but the table stand is in the shape of a bunch of wheat. That was the first thing I noticed. This restaurant is far enough away from the big tourist attractions...

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En Diagonal – Unassuming Excellence in the Heart of Barcelona

I’ll paint a picture for you, my friend. We find ourselves at Casa Batlló, the result of a total restoration in 1904, by Gaudí, of an old conventional house built in 1877. A crippling hunger strikes. My stomach overpowers me. I must eat or face the consequences. A quick peruse of TripAdvisor reveals we are within 1km of En Diagonal. The reviews are overwhelmingly positive. I intend to follow that trend. You could easily walk past it, but it is not a restaurant to be missed.  No bigger than my bedroom (kitchen included), En Diagonal was set to surprise us...

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