When Louise invited me to come along to our second Literary Salon, I fully expected to end up in another dive bar in the Jewellery Quarter. You can imagine my elation to be brought to this charming independent restaurant in the middle of town. Though parking was a nightmare, the payoff was large.

We keep our cafe food simple, cooked to order, and with options for all diets. Our focus is to provide you the best value for money without being stingy on portion size or dropping quality you should expect, such as local free range eggs or cakes that are homemade. Cherry Reds

Google describes this restaurant as funky, but I prefer exceptional. Cherry Reds really does stand out. An oasis in a sea of chains, Cherry Reds provided me with a meal as warm and delightful as their welcome. Louise in her vast and overwhelming wisdom opted for the Full English. Below is an action shot of her drowning this delightful dish in ketchup.

As per, I was honoured to sample Louise’s saussie. This was absolutely super duper. But nothing and nobody could compare to my meal. I ordered it and then asked a waitress what their best meal was. She confirmed, much to my elation, that my own meal was the greatest on offer. For carnivore at least, and indeed at most.

The mighty beef burger with halloumi on the side tasted as good as it looked. I would warn diners that Cherry Reds uses practically no salt in their food. This is good for the health, of course. But if one is not aware of it, this can be quite alarming. The granary bread was soft and meshed beautifully with the minced beef burger. The onion ring and cheese were delightful and the potato chips – well I shall let the above picture speak for itself.

The Literary Salon was set up by Nat, my old Warwick Uni criminal law tutor. This is my second time attending and I must say I feel enriched for doing so. I encourage all of you to attend for a wonderful discussion. February’s theme was Doomed Love. March’s theme will be ‘The Graphic Novel’. I’ll be there, I hope you shall be too.

Overall, Cherry Reds left me feeling satisfied culinarily as well as mentally. I am happy to wholeheartedly recommend it you, dear readers.