After a phenomenal meal at Jen’s, what more could one want than a delightful dessert. So ample and varied was the potential fare at the Chinatown Bakery that one is almost at a loss for what to order. Personally, the standout choice for me was the coconut pandan, which is pictured below. The dough was soft and easy to tear apart. While the pandan was green, it did not leave me feeling unwell. I was only ill when I thought about the 23 years I had to wait to sample it.

I gave my dear old friend Emily free choice on whichever delicacy she wanted. Being a woman of impeccable taste, both in friends and pastries, she went for the Deli Taiyaki with Nutella. I had a little bite of this delicious sweet fish and must saw I was deeply impressed. The texture was almost like that of a crispy pancake. Nutella is Nutella, of course, can cannot be more, but it worked well here.

Below is pictured more options one might elect for in this wonderful bakery. The one in the bottom right is the sausage bun. I can assure you, it is everything you hope it will be. Try it if you dare, utter delights ensue.

The last two things I opted for were the peanut mochi and the custard bun, both of which were oozing with flavour. I would say the mochi just tipped it for me. They are both pictured below. The peanut butter in the middle of the mochi was a little dry for my taste, but overall proved a superb treat.

The above picture is merely there to illustrate the level of artistry contained in this delightful bakery. I am so happy to be able to recommend it to you.