I’m always on the lookout for the next delightful cafe. There’s only so far the one in the university basement can take you. I adore our in house team but sometimes change is good for the system, or so my liver and lungs tell me. 

Our final lesson of 2018 had concluded. Our heads were filled with Real Estate Completion date intricacies and it was decided that we should have a hearty breakfast. I had grown tired of the usual haunts so decided to go a few hundred metres further astray. Thus my friends and I discovered Coffee Tales, and what a find. 

St Nick hates beans. I want everybody to know this in case they host him for a meal containing any edible seeds. I had to wait for someone else to order to document it for you, my fine readers.

It’s not that I resent beans massively. I resent baked beans specifically when they’re served in that tomato sauce, and particularly for breakfast. I resent it because I feel I moved past such things since childhood.

The bread was utterly crisp; the saucies were just divine and the egg was cooked to perfection. One seldom eats eggs so delightfully well-done. 

Now usually, I wouldn’t eat before 1pm but this croissant was just delicious. Fluffy; crisp and reasonably priced. It went very well with my big old coffee. Coffee Tales is one of the few establishments which will allow me to ask for 4 shots of espresso in my americano. I’m glad they have no regard for my palpitations because I really needed to be woken up that day. 

Panashe opted for the hot chocolate, which, as you can see, is dreamy. Of course being a strong Christian woman, she did not allow me anywhere near this beverage. Thusly, I am at a loss as to whether it was as tasty as it appears. 

Overall, however, I would say the décor; service and location of Coffee Tales make for a strong positive vibe. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. The condensation on the windows is a little off-putting but overall I recommend this wonderful place.