It is about time I wrote about this place. When I lived in Newcastle briefly, I would spend at least three nights a week at Colonel Porter’s Emporium. The location is fabulous, their array of gins puts Wetherspoons to shame and the decor is quite unique.

First World War England doesn’t provide for the most politically correct decorating style. However, if one can overlook the disturbing implication of Empire celebration, this is a really sterling pub. One of my favourite ciders in England, Orchard Thieves, is served here. While I take strong objection to paying £4 for a pint of any description, I submitted myself to this astonishing charge for the quality of the cider.

Colonel Porters is most well known for their selection of gins. My personal favourite is the saffron gin, which I first tried in Blue Lips Bar in Naples, which I also suggest. My sister often opts for the Edinburgh gin, but my all time favourite is Lymington gin. I’m unsure whether they have the latter in stock.

Back in the day, Master Brewer Colonel porter teamed up with Chief Chemist Archie Jones to create Newcastle Brown Ale (ala Dog, Journey into Space, Lunatic’s Broth). In this Emporium we celebrate this fine feat. Colonel Porter’s 

I haven’t ever sampled the food here, aside from the array of popcorn – which is grand. So it would be remiss of me to give you any kind of advice. However, I can tell you this is a warm pub where you shall feel welcome and drink in comfort. The location is superbly central and the staff are deeply knowledgeable. I highly recommend Colonel Porter’s.