For the few of you who didn’t hear me shouting about my new job, I got a new job! I find myself in the environs of central Birmingham on a daily basis now. Occasionally, I fall prey to hunger and must sate this urge by dining in fine cost effective establishments. Not since dining at En Diagonal in Barcelona have I tasted such authentic Spanish food. And for lunch too!

Between us, Matthew and I had six different dishes for lunch, not to mention dessert. the first of these was the Croquetas de Boletus (Wild Mushroom and Bechamel Croquetas). We also sampled the same with meat (Croquetas de Jamón Iberico, Ham and Béchamel Croquetas). I’ll always remember first alighting in Madrid and going to a local cafe for lunch. I had a Jamon Iberico sandwich and was so very impressed with its flavour. Here, too, the Jamon was beautifully cured and sliced finely so as not to choke me. I was terribly grateful for this.

We followed suit, as I did in En Diagonal, with chorizo slow cooked in cider. The Chorizo a la Sidra positively blew me away with its tenderness and unforgettable flavour. Perhaps the dish was a bit too oily overall but I found it remarkably yummy. The Pimientos de Padrón, however, did not impress. I do not know why I continue to order bland food knowing it will only suffuse me with white rage.  

The chicken wings (Alitas de Pollo Crispy Chicken Wings, Sweet and Spicy Diabla Sauce) were quite delicious also. I cannot quite bring myself to bite into one in public for fear of looking barbaric, but Matthew tells me from his satisfied grunts, that they were to his liking.

If my ex still reads this blog, she would recoil in horror at the Patatas Bravas (Rustic Fried Potatoes with Spicy Tomato Sauce and Alioli). I’m not sure how I feel about sauce which clearly emanated from a plastic cylinder but the potatoes themselves were quite satisfactory.

In all, I would recommend this place for an economical and delightful lunch. The flavours are authentic even if the cooking of the economical option is not done with the greatest care. But this is the same across all restaurants. Put yourself in the chef’s rubber shoes.