Now let us get the unpleasant aspects of this, and indeed many pubs around the country, out of the way: the music is unbearable. I live an existence surrounded by the most moving musical triumphs known to man. I’m often so shaken by the beauty of music that I’m brought to tears. Gosta Green’s music choice, however, ‘laisse à désirer’, as the French would say.

If one can move past the shocking choice; volume and quality of sound emanating from the speakers, Gosta Green is actually quite a charming pub. My friend St Nick, who is from Leeds, invited me to attend the weekly pub quiz. One more Yorkshireman turned up. Our heavenly threesome was then rudely interrupted by a Southerner. But my time in England has taught me that xenophobia is not desirable, and leads to people putting on strange accents to avoid it.

Blasting through my self-deprecation, the four of us took the quiz head on. The theme was ‘How I Met Your Mother’. I’ve never been one for Television so I didn’t know a damn thing about it! But you don’t want to hear about my general knowledge, let me say a few words about the pub itself.

The atmosphere at Gosta Green is as delightful as the food. During my time there, I sampled the halloumi fries and the mushroom wrap. From my first bite, it was clear to me that the oil they’d used to fry the halloumi was fresh and high quality. the crunch factor was excellent. As for my wrap, it was recommended by one of the barkeeps, who was herself a vegetarian. The wrap was delightful and filled well. The ingredients were clearly fresh and well put together. I had to add a little salt, but that’s perhaps on account of English people actually caring for their cardiovascular health. We the French don’t put such stock in our arteries!

The decoration; atmosphere and cider selection (try Lilley’s 6% one) is excellent. The location, too, is terribly central. I recommend this pub for a cool full or partial night out. I certainly had a good time. Except all those pesky Southerners.