Firstly, I would like to say: wow. I’m seldom taken aback by restaurants. Most places this close to such a landmark as Grand Central Station Birmingham are superbly expensive and highly pretentious. But GCK isn’t. It stood out from the first because it is currently #2 on the Tripadvisor in Birmingham. But it stood out even more when one steps inside. Antique decor; period coca cola advertisements; all the (male) staff have pristine facial hair – what’s not to like?

The cover photo, from Veggie Foodie, sets the tone for what was to be a warm and satisfying morning meal.

This was Mother’s final stop before jetting (on a train) back to the North. So we simply had to make it excellent. And excellence is provided in buckets, and on plates, at GCK. We ordered our ample coffees, which were grand in size and quality. With Whittards of Chelsea so close-by, it did not shock me the coffee here was top notch.

However, the food here really tasted and looked striking. I cannot, alas, show you what I ate. While staring into the solar plexus of the GCK special panini; a fiery combination of ham chorizo and pepperoni, I was unable to wait long enough to take a photo. Let it be known that from the first bite to the last, a consistent and overwhelming state of euphoria will send your body into convulsion.

Mother opted for the house omelette. This came on crisp white bread and for some reason tasted better than an ordinary omelette. They had put some spices in the mix which I could almost not put my finger on. But upon reflection I think it was paprika. I suppose I shall have to go back and find out… Heaven forbid!

I have yet to touch on the best thing about GCK: the prices! Two of us ate and drank copiously for little over £15. I speak for both of us when I say that GCK is not to be missed.

Grand Central Kitchen is precisely that: it is grand; central and has a kitchen. Eating here will fill the hole in your stomach without creating one in your pocket. There is no reason at all why you shouldn’t eat here, unless of course you live in Timbuktu.

While there, don’t forget to visit St Phillip’s Cathedral, it’s really quite moving.