I looked for Stratford Upon Avon’s best eateries and alighted on Honey Blue, supposedly the best place to eat in Stratford. It is tucked away in a side alley away from Sheep Street in the centre of town. Now, if one is to go by the Trip Advisor review, they might expect a lavish beautiful small scale indy paradise, but when we went, the menu was limited to a few toasties, which was fine as I did not want to have too heavy a lunch.

Charlotte ordered the three cheese panini, which was quite delicious. There was a slightly rough texture to the cheese which was most pleasant indeed and the bread was high quality, easy to chew through. I had the goats cheese and spinach toastie which was rather good also but tasted fairly similar to the one above. Now, these were at the end of the day, pieces of cheese between bread, so not much more can be said for them. I think the reason this establishment is so popular with the people of Stratford are the beverages:

The cafe’s Facebook page has some excellent photographs of their marshmallow toasted and hanging precariously atop a mountain of cream, as can be seen in the back of my less impressive photograph. I would recommend ordering these after your sandwich as the cream tends to melt rather quickly. The cinnamon cappuccino I ordered was excellent. The cream was light and the cinnamon sung through the whole drink. Charlotte’s hot chocolate with the aforementioned marshmallow was delicious also, rich and fulsome with similar comments about the cream.

Now, beware, the manager’s taste in music, at least on our visit, was limited extremely grating saxophone based techno pop, which was so loud that both Charlotte and I were on the edge of a nervous breakdown by the time we left. I suggest eating outside or asking the owner to turn down the racket. We had already asked for the door to be closed to keep the February cold out, so did not feel able to make a second demand but the music really was atrocious. Overall a good place for drinks, would not recommend the £7 cheese and bread.