Given the length of the previous post, I shall keep this one brief. Crispin of Viterbo was a Capuchin monk living in the 18th century. It is said he made a shrine to the Mother of God everywhere he went.

 The calls for him to be named as a saint began as soon as he had died and the formal cause to investigate his holiness opened on 16 September 1761 under Pope Clement XIII while he was named as Venerable in 1796 under Pope Pius VII. Pope Pius VII beatified him in 1806 while Pope John Paul II canonized him as a saint on 20 June 1982 – the first canonization in the latter’s pontificate.

The ice cream parlour named after him perhaps does not represent the sanctity of his devotion to the Capuchin Franciscan order, but they make a damn good gelato. Amaretto and the vanilla; blueberry; pistachio – each flavour I tried blew me away. But the  flavours change daily. There is a choice of about 15 at any one time. I can’t tell you which to try because at present I do not know which ones are available!

In any case, their awards speak for themselves. What I must advise you to do, however, and this goes or every roman gelateria: ask for extra cream (panna).