After a peculiar Mass, I went out for lunch with my dear friend Emily. She chose the locale this time. I’ll admit a deep skepticism of opinions which are not mine. However, Kitchen at 149 was a delightful and impactful lunch. Not least for the high quality of the food to be had there.

In front of Emily’s terrific jumper are pictured two excellent mugs of coffee. This isn’t particularly pertinent to the review, I just wanted to write that first sentence and pay homage to a fine vestment.

This was an excellent burger. The patty was not a uniform shape which tells me it was fresh. This may seem trivial but it is very important. The sauce was delightful and the vegetables fresh. Of course it goes without saying that the brioche bun was masterfully made. I’ve never managed to achieve such depth of colour in my buns. For me the fries were a particular highlight. Beautifully crisp and flavoursome, perfectly salted, mushy in the middle and plentiful. Take notes.

Emily’s omelette was fine and deceptively light. I like omelettes where the structure is thin, so as to be filling but not make you feel overburdened. Though it is tempting to put oneself in a food coma on Sunday afternoons, this is to be avoided. The mushrooms inside were particularly well done. And the cream was not too disturbing. Overall two winning dishes.

If you’re in Finsbury Park, do saunter over to Kitchen at 149, they provide an affordable meal, great prices and lovely locale.