Picture the scene, we have just visited the Château de Valençay and has a bellyful of Talleyrand (thought by some to have been the greatest foreign minister France has ever known). It is around 25 degrees and we are hankering for some food. In France, we discovered to our horror, one can only eat lunch at reputable restaurants between the hours of 12 and 2pm. Most kitchens seem to shut at 1.30pm so the dining time is even more limited. With this in mind, we arrived at Le Biniou at 12.30pm only to be told they were full. Charlotte and I began to sweat profusely at the prospect of repeating the ‘dinner dance’, where we would invariably end up eating at some inferior establishment. However, Lady Luck (who is not French) was on our side. Half an hour later we were seated, and short while after our first bowl of cider (it’s a thing), we were tucking into our galettes.

I’ll start where I must, with father’s bolognese galette. This contained, well, ragu as you can imagine but also an egg, cooked through on the white side and runny in the middle. This gave moisture to the galette itself and went very well with the very well done ragu in the middle.

I went for one with Emmental and lardons which was very welcome indeed. The ladies both went for la fumé, a special which contained smoked sausages and a combination of cheeses. Both were sublimely rich and somehow left room for the desert crepe.

For the desert crepe, we all went for Le Duo, which is a combined crepe, half of which is chocolate and half caramel, with lovely piped cream on the top. You will see we decided to point them all in the same direction ‘for the gram’ (though neither Charlotte or me have instagram, Deo gratias). The eagle eyed among you will also spot your humble suggester in the mirror.

Overall, I understood why this place is ranked so highly on Trip Advisor. This was an excellent eatery, really quite economical with delicious food which did not leave us feeling overburdened by lunch. Highly recommended!