If you weren’t as yet aware, I spent some time in Newcastle over the festive period. Truly, it must be unnerving to not know what I am doing every second of every day, but such is the benefit conferred to those who have broken free from the iron grip of social media.

Moving on from overt criticism of the corporations responsible for the downfall of civilised society, let’s talk about a pub.

Low Lights Tavern, the oldest pub in North Shields, located at North Shields Fish Quay. Offering home cooking including delicious handmade pies, real ales, selection of Scottish Whisky, wines & spirits with a warm old fashioned welcome. Fish Quay

Having celebrated my 23rd birthday last month, I know that beguiling old age has its drawbacks, but equally debilitating benefits. This being the oldest pub in North Shields stands to help it greatly. The service was top notch, as was the cider and beer. My father ordered a locally brewed beer, whose name escapes me. I must apologise for this, yeast water and I have never and shall never be great friends. Those with keen eyes will be able to see the Lesser-Spotted Paul (my father) in the image below.

Alas, I was full from my exquisite Christmas menu, so could not order any food. But I shall return to this jewel of a pub to do so. I’ve perused reviews of it on several platforms and now regret my lack of salivation during the time of my visit. Overall the atmosphere was just gorgeous. You all know I am a sucker for wooden support beams. Hence my adoration of The Bell Inn, which I re-visited recently. I loved how friendly the staff were, one of whom I knew from Birmingham! What a strange and debilitating coincidence that was, for the both of us. My spoken English does engender the idea that I’m a maniacal super-villain, a presumption I must combat on a daily basis.

Perhaps most astounding is the walk from the Fish Quay to Tynemouth. A little known fact about me is that I am quite fit. This is a conclusion which many passers by reach, but I am fit physically as well as visually. I love exercise and cycle upwards of ten miles a day in Birmingham. I found this walk absolutely invigorating and recommend it to anyone in the area, especially after a hearty meal at the Low Lights Tavern.