Ever oscillating, I took it upon myself to visit the South coast. During my short time in Dover and its environs, I had the opportunity to go to Luben’s pizza in Folkestone. This was the first time my immediate family had been in the same country for over 12 months so we took the opportunity to have a good time and eat many carbs.

Seitan Pepperoni

Seitan Pepperoni w. Vegan Mozzarella
I have fallen in love with seitan, no not the devil, but the flour and water based meat substitute. Matthew has been making it for some time and we have had it in wraps and as a substitute for chicken. I was quite impressed to see this as a choice at Luben’s. This pizza was exquisite, perhaps a little dry and could have used more sauce but otherwise really quite excellent. The dough was perfect and the vegan cheese was very nice indeed.
Spicy Nduja, Pepperoni, Piquillo Pepper, Red Onion, Fresh Rocket & Buffalo Mozzarella // Moons Green Pepperoni, Buffalo Mozzarella
Of course the actual pepperoni was divine for other reasons. This was beautifully distributed, had a good amount of buffala mozzarella which was hot but not melted, as it should be, and well sauced. Again the dough was a thing of beauty. This was an alarmingly flavoursome pizza.
Father and Celia shared the Nduja pizza which was one of my favourites. The Nduja has an acidic flavour with a chili-forward bite. This mixed with the pepperoni and sweet but heatless Piquito pepper and the freshness of the rocket made a pseudo explosion of flavour in the mouth. This may have been my favourite of the night.
The dough ball sharing plate, served with a trio of dips; (garlic butter, aioli & pesto) was also quite good, soft and supple enriched by the dips.

Father and his oddly held cutlery enjoyed the wonderful salad which does not look like much but was equally explosively flavourful.

Overall this was a high quality restaurant in a beautiful street of Folkestone, moments from the sea front. We enjoyed our time there very much and I hope to go again before long.