After a wonderful evening seeing one of my two musical heroes, Todd Rundgren, I needed something to de-contract. Afternoon tea in Kilburn set me right. I met a dear old friend at Maison de la Vie. There was only one cream scone left as we arrived rather late. Being a gracious host, I ate it before telling her.

I jest I jest, I let her have it. The tea leaves were infused with gin & tonic which made for quite a delightful cup of tea. As you might be able to tell, the texture of the scone was really quite unbelievable. Beautifully toasted, well made and good quality cream. What more could one ask for?

With my English Breakfast tea, I opted for the apricot slice. I had to eat it little by little because it was so delightful. Beautiful pastry, well marinated apricots. Full of flavour and not too filling, which is a winning combination in a dessert.

On a separate note, I saw this on my way into Kilburn and found it most amusing.

But overall, Maison de la Vie did give me back some life. I felt as infused as the tealeaves, but with joy rather than gin. This was a deeply impactful afternoon tea during which I came to admire the quality of time one can spend with their friends. I recommend it to those in the area who want an economical and good quality afternoon tea. You won’t be disappointed.