Ah, Mr Brown! So many excellent and foggy memories stemmed from this bar. The drinks are dangerously cheap, the location is shockingly central. What more could one possibly ask for from a Roman bar?

The cocktails are all three euros fifty. The atmosphere is incomparable. One downside is that it opens relatively late. As a Brit, one makes a point of dining out around 6. Do not ask me why. I don’t understand the practice myself. Mr Brown opens at around 7, negating the possibility of an early sloshing.

Those more filthy among you will have their eyes drawn immediately to the bottom left hand corner of the above photograph. Mr Brown’s famous porno shot consists of chocolate liquor poured out of a skull shaped bottle. They are absolutely delightful and help anyone with deep seated issues forget their problems, for a short time at least.

The bar is well stocked with any and every possible alcohol you could desire.  And the decor is really something. All over the walls and ceilings, you’ll find pop references to your heart’s delight. My favourite decoration is the poster of Fight Club on the ceiling in the back room. I was born on the same day as Brad Pitt, which s a fact I’m equally proud and disturbed by.

In all, Mr Brown is an iconic bar in the centre of Trastevere which very much deserves to be visited. You won’t spend anything and you’ll have a great time, even if you forget half of what you did. Let me know what you think!