This cafe has been on my radar for some months. I remember when I was battling between the BPP Law School and the University of Law, both of whom were vying for my precious coins, I first ate here. Now, I am always on the lookout for unassuming brilliance. Niche Cafe positively oozes unpretentiousness. This is its crowning feature, for me.

It’s real Hawaiian food served in an authentic medieval English dungeon atmosphere. Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life, Part IV: Middle Age, on the topic of Ulaw dining

Last month, I brought the boys there for lunch. We had come to a point where the dungeon cafe food at university wasn’t cutting it anymore. We have actively sought a sustainable alternative. After months of searching, I do believe we have found it.

Niche Café is by definition a greasy spoon cafe. The fare on offer is modest and wholesome. It is not terrifically healthy, but then again neither are Tesco sandwiches or under-salted slop. Now, to the food. St Nick, in his customary fashion, ordered the full english without beans. He hates beans. I had the good fortune to sample his saussie, and I must say it was quite delightful.

I hate beans in tomato sauce. St Nicholas Jenkins

Young James, by contrast, decided to go all out and order the Eggs Benedict. From the affirmative grunts I overheard, it seems he enjoyed this. The plate was quite clean once he had finished. It’s a wonder he didn’t eat the porcelain as well.

On the occasion of the previous two photographs, I went for the brie; bacon and cranberry grilled panini. Alas, this time the bacon was overcooked. But Chef is stupendous and I am sure that if I asked him to grill the bacon a little less without poisoning me, he would be obliging.

My most recent visit saw me order a delightful mushroom and cheese omelette. Now that was delightful. I’m constantly wary of a burned bottom on my omelettes. Thankfully, this was not the case at Niche Café. As you can see from the photograph below, it was cooked perfectly. The raw toast was a tad random, but then again, who am I to complain about complimentary bread.

Overall, this is not the Ritz Carlton. But what Niche Café does, it does sensationally well. This eatery is top shelf. If you go to Ulaw, you’d be mad not to go here for your lunch on a semi-regular basis. The best thing of all: you can dine for almost nothing! My meal with a two coffees came to under £6. Huzzah!