Our penultimate day of travel, from Ripon to Bishop Wilton, saw us stop for breakfast at Oliver’s Pantry. I recall Nick asking me if we could go to some lesser cafe because there was a statuette of Tin Tin in the window. I did away with his Aryan proclivity and put my foot down on Oliver’s, and what a triumph it was. I would have to say this is among the finest breakfasts I have had in Yorkshire and wish I could have eaten more.

I have known Nick a long time and I think only on one occasion did he opt not to eat the Full English. At Olli’s the full English was absolutely lovely. The sausage was local, rather than Danish as in full English breakfasts across the land. The bacon was likely Danish but the egg was poached beautifully, wherever it was from. Clean plate and positive grunt is always a positive from Nick.

I had the chorizo hash which consisted of, you’ve guessed it, chorizo, sauteéd potatoes, poached egg and delicious red peppers. This was an explosion of flavour which was only enhanced by the enormous amount of oozing cheese poured all over it. I pity their washing machine. The potatoes were a triumph I thought, beautiful fluffy and soft but still solid. The acidity of the chorizo pierced through the other softer flavours on the plate and delivered a balanced and excellent breakfast, which gave me plenty of energy for the ride ahead.

Finally I should like to draw your attention to this delightful doggy that we saw on our way back to the hotel. A highlight in our brief sojourn through Ripon.