It grieves me that I did not record my favourite eateries when I spent my year in Rome. However, my recent trip to the Eternal City proved fruitful indeed. I overloaded myself with countless meals. Actually, I suppose I could count them if I really wanted to. But I don’t!

Pane e Salame is a splendid sandwich shop. The menu is fast and fully amenable to one’s fickle desires. Often, I would order a panini and go to sit by the Trevi fountain, an easy 3 minute walk away, watching the heaving tourists and the resplendent cascading waters.

I must have tried 75% of the paninis there in my time. However, on this occasion, I went for the U panini. You’ll be able to see the menu here:

Image result for pane e salame rome menu

U was the ham; brie; lettuce and truffle cream panini. Oh what a joyous snack. The bread is made freshly each day. It can be a little crunchy. Masticate with care, as they say. My sandwich is pictured below:

Nel cuore di Roma, a pochi passi da Fontana di Trevi!
Salumi e formaggi di qualità, tutti rigorosamente italiani!
Pane e Salami is #4 restaurant of 10,000+ in Rome, at the time of writing. It is hardly surprising given the location; quality and price combined. All of these prove to be a winning combination for Pane e Salame. I can’t recommend this enough for those who want a quick and exquisite meal in Rome. If you are looking to sit in the restaurant proper, be prepared to wait in line for some time. Peak times are monstrous at this restaurant, queues of selfie-stick-laden tourists stretch around the corner.
Nonetheless, it behoves all of us to try one of their paninis when in central Rome.
I recommend it unreservedly.