Those of you who haven’t heard of Digbeth Dining Club must be deaf. Being such a large collective of individual retailers, I have not known how to broach the subject on Cedric Suggests. It dawned on me, mid munch, that I should just review each individual stall. This approach has two main benefits. Firstly, you get to read in depth reviews about stalls to better inform your Digbeth purchases. Secondly, I get to eat a lot of food at each stall. Winner winner, burger for dinner. That’s how it goes, right?

The monstrosity you see before you is called the Piggy Bank. The rather moribund title derives from the black pudding, pork crunch and bacon which top the generous beef patty. Now, before you spit out your tea, consider that this was my second course. Now you may spit out your tea.

The seeded brioche bun was a thing of beauty also. The burger was held together by mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup and gherkins, all of which only added to the brilliance and cholesterol of this burger. I recommend it to those of you who are up for a challenge. You get a lot for your £8.

The first time I went to this place, I had a sweet burger. Now, having eaten burgers all over the world, this was a first for me.  The Sweet Freak consists of a beef patty, bacon, peanut butter, sweet chilli jam, caramel, a waffle, cheese and maple syrup. If you thought the first one was unhealthy, you were right. This one too is a shock to the cistern.

Digbeth is a wonderful part of town and ought to be spoken of more often and more highly. I encourage you to go and sample the Dining Club’s fine wares on your next weekend evening. Please note they are not open in the week.