After a wonderful time in Kravice Waterfalls, we decided it was time for some grub. The best restaurant nearby, according to a quick scouring of the web, was Pizzeria Colombo. Now, Bosnia is not part of the EU. The first shock we had on entering was that there were people smoking next to us in the restaurant. Madness to us Brits!

Nonetheless, we ordered in the haze of lung destroying ash. and what pizzas! The pictures below shall speak for themselves. The first is the four cheese pizza.

Astonishing crust, great depth of topping. The quality of the cheese was superb and the whole ensemble was superbly impressive.

I ordered the Pizza Colombo, the special of the restaurant. It ought to be noted that parma ham goes hard when heated, not soft. This was a tad difficult to cut up and eat in a civilised way, but then who wants to eat pizza civilly? The egg in the middle was cooked perfectly and the ingredients were of a great quality. Overall, a winning pizza.

Before re-ordering the Colombo special, Louise feasted on the ham and cheese pizza. Aside from the generous slices of cheese garnished upon the pizza, one cannot help but notice Colombo Pizza’s generous sizes. They were huge pizzas, we had to share the last one because we were so full.

There’s nothing like a copious and high quality pizza. Pizzeria Colombo is a great lpace to stop by after a visit to the waterfalls or the shrine. They are cheap, the service is super and the pizzas are huge.