Do you want to hear about fit bits; nipples; homosexuality; racist horses and Turkish women in saunas? Then this is the podcast for you. To celebrate Shirley’s birthday, the AquaBabes(TM) and I record our daily breakfast conversation at Xcel Leisure Centre.

This is an eye-opening snapshot into our morning routine. We discuss all manner of topics without paying any attention to who is talking and when! As is typical of our talks, we often split off into groups of two before rejoining in the whole conversation. Hang onto your seats and prepare to be immersed into our world for half an hour.

As I mention at the beginning, I dedicate this podcast to our extraordinary late friend Olive.


Olive, in a word

You were absurd

Each morning you purred

It was out of this world

You were coy

Like a teenage boy

My puns you’d destroy

Overflowing with joy


Rest in Peace.