Graham Greene is regarded as one of the finest writers in the 20th Century. His archetypal ‘Catholic novel’ made unfathomable contributions to the furthering of literature. This novel, suggested to me by Professor John McEldowney (who kindly assented to record an assessed podcast on Fox Hunting), moved me greatly.

We were privileged greatly to be able to record this podcast in St Mary’s Catholic Church in Harborne, a portentous location given the thrust of this novel.

Louise Griffiths; St Nicholas Jenkins and Steve Bavington join me for this momentous podcast. It contains major spoilers. If you wish to understand the book free from our perceptible influence, don’t listen to this podcast until after you’ve finished the book.

As I said in the podcast, there is something for everyone in this novel. The Power and the Glory is of universal importance and more relevant now than ever before. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Special thanks go to my cousin, Thomas, at White Noise Studios, who mastered the file for me, augmenting the quality of this podcast inestimably.