Were you aware that I’m in Croatia? Well it came as a surprise to me too. A tip to travellers, if you book a car rental, make sure you have a credit card. My lowly debit card was not enough to save us from a minor setback and a major headache.

Now, onto Proto. The restaurant I picked was closed inexplicably, but this more than made up for it. The first good sign came when I saw one of the waiters carving from a leg of prosciutto in the middle of the foyer and cover it again before scuttling off. With fevered anticipation, I whispered of what I had witnessed to Louise and Nick. Now the air bristled with a palpable excitement. This was fully merited, for the cheese and ham board we ordered completely blew us out of the water. 

Particular highlights were the smoked pancetta and stuffed peppers. Though every single item was astonishing. We ordered the stuffed peppers again mid chomp, conclude from that what you will. Combining the Dalmatian cheeses and the Karst plate was the best idea we had.

Above is pictured Louise’s dish, Plujukanci pasta with prawns and truffles, was magnificent. I had only a little taste, but when the great lady whispers ‘it’s beautiful’ for seven or more minutes, you know you’re onto a winner. I went for the same type of pasta but with chicken, mushroom and truffles. The portion was enormous and absolutely the height of great flavour. I was shaking too much to take a good photograph. My deepest and least profound apologies.

Nick went for the traditional black ink risotto. By his wide black smile, I could tell he had a great dish. For fear of petrifying the man in the mirror, I did not try this blackening tooth dish. However, Nick tells me it is highly delicious.

Overall, Proto was an astonishing experience. From the level of service to the quality of the food, all of which is homemade, it is understandable why they are called ‘…And more’. There is so much more than a restaurant here. It would be a criminal waste not to dine there when in Zadar.