Few of you will appreciate what a mammoth task it is to gather six people in one place, even for a simple lunch. Our fabulous meal at PureCraft represented a milestone in organisational hosting, as well as culinary quality. We were a tad pressed for time, having barely made it in time from Mass, so each had a main before jetting off to our next destination, but what we ate certainly fed our desire to return to PureCraft in the near future.

Louise, in her grand and monstrous piety, ordered the waiter to make her a salad, even though none were on the menu. This was a pain, to be frank. Not Louise, one could never accuse her of being painful, until she slaps you. The pain came from Birmingham’s decidedly unhealthy culinary leanings. It was nigh impossible for me to find a restaurant which served a salad and could seat six. All these little instagram-able salad bars are all good and swell for the busy commuter, but not for the decent group of friends who are burdened with the desire for a slimmer frame.

I ordered a wonderful Saddleback sauerkraut beef burger. Now, it has to be said the meat was a bit dry. Maybe the cook was having a bad day. I am always willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. The Russian dressing and sauerkraut (a definitive weakness of mine) combined to make something of a heavenly burger. The brioche bun, too, was a marvel. Not to mention this was very pleasantly filling. Often one’s burger leaves them feeling bloated and queasy. This one made me feel fabulous, which is always a plus.

Two of my esteemed luncheon partners ordered the Sunday Roast, which this week consisted of beef. Cooked beautifully, presented flawlessly and paired with a sizeable Yorkshire, this roast was one for the ages. And don’t even get me started on the red wine gravy. This was truly an amalgam of the best of British and I thoroughly recommend it to you. The cauliflower cheese side was absolutely divine also, its picture is below.

Overall, I would say PureCraft is a distinguished eatery, providing quality food in a terrific location. The price is relatively cheap for the centre of Birmingham and the decor is remarkable. By that I mean remarks can be made about it. It was a bit plain for this reviewer. But every restaurant can’t be Sorrento, after all.