Apologies for the long title, but there is so much I want to say about this place. I find it difficult to hide my confounding joy when I think about Gustami.

What a place. This is the Loffredo of Birmingham. Gustami is run by an Italian family. It is secluded and has few seats. Of course, the best places on this blog fit this description.

I’ve been here many times. I plan to go weekly. The prices are so economical that one can dine there frequently. I’m so elated about Gustami! Have a look at this!

The taglio misto, my first of many dishes here. Chilli pecorino; mortadella; speck; artichokes; ricotta… so much more! This is as close as you will get to the Italian misto in Birmingham.

The quattro formaggi, my mother’s go to, was equally as stunning as the starter. I know I do not condone using grated cheese on a pizza. In fact, I find the practice deplorable. But this is Birmingham, remember, and most clients are not as snooty as me. The dough was fresh, the ingredients tasted excellent. But as you can see from the calzone in the featured image; each pizza here is top shelf.

The parmigiana and polenta con salsiccia were also astounding. Of the four occasions I’ve been to Gustami, two have been with my mother. Of course father was there too, but he was too stunned by the food’s quality to recognise what a gem we had found. Perhaps he had. I often don’t give him the vast amount of credit he is due.

Specials change every week at Gustami. I intend to try them all. The polenta was w/c 7/9’s special. I can tell you, it was superb. All made from scratch. What is especially impressive is that Chef makes all the pasta from scratch. And it is really good!

This was the ragú I had the other day. Top notch. The family comes from Emilia Romagna, Bologna so they ought to know how to prepare a ragú and they do!

If you have any room for dessert, I recommend the profiteroles. But all of the desserts will leave you feeling delirious. And deeply sleepy! be sure to go for dinner if you plan to go full whack, as I do.

Go once, twice and thrice! Try everything on the menu. I can’t praise this restaurant enough. This is truly a jewel in the Suggestion Crown. I am elated to be able to share it with you.