My darling fiancée and I went to Bath about two weeks ago for a wedding reception (preview of coming attractions). One of the many places we visited was a charming historic house, founded in 1680, which served all manor of buns. These buns were an old recipe used by the original owner of the house, a Huguenot refugee who ended up in Bath. Sally would make these buns to earn her living in Bath. They are now world famous.

Sally Lunn’s is much more than a world famous tea and eating house in the centre of the wonderful city of Bath England. Our historic building is one of the oldest houses in Bath. Our kitchen museum shows the actual kitchen used by the legendary young Huguenot baker Sally Lunn in Georgian Bath to create the first Bath Bunn – an authentic regional speciality now known the world over. Sally Lunn’s

We ordered two buns (which effectively made up one whole bun); the salmon bun and the lemon curd bun. It promised to be the finest lemon curd tasted to date, however, I would contend that a batch of lemon curd which Charlotte and I made in France was far superior. Nonetheless, the quality of the buns was superb, they were both soft and savoury, being perfectly versatile for any topping. The salmon bun contained Gold Medal winning premium Scottish smoked salmon direct from the smoker, lemon, dill and cream cheese. This was the real winner of the two buns. The smokey salmon was just divine, thick cut and beautifully cold. The whole Lunn experience was delightful also. The waiters were attentive, the food was delicious and well priced, and the location, next to Bath Abbey, could not have been improved upon.

A winner, I say!