Having been ‘studying’ here in the Jewellery Quarter for almost a full academic year, I thought I’d seen every eatery available. However, this was not the case. As recently as three weeks ago, I found myself with some free time. I spent it in the best way I could imagine, going out for lunch.

Having scoured the area, I happened upon Soda Bread Cafe. St Nick, who is used to dining at fine, lavish establishments in Bosnia and other former communist countries, initially turned his nose up at this humble eatery. Thankfully my powers of persuasion were enough to overwhelm any counter-argument. We stepped in. the first thing I noticed was the amount of light streaming in from the huge arched windows. The second thing which I noticed was the warmth of the welcome we received. Elizabeth, the half German and half Irish owner is a vision of loveliness. I have seldom received such good customer service since my trip to Dubrovnik.

I felt like a jacket potato on the day, a rare occurrence. Soda Bread make a roast every day, this time it was roast beef. The beef was soft and beautifully cooked. The gravy was made fresh and paired wonderfully with the homemade stuffing. This was a winning potato. I also sampled their delicious pork pies, which I recommend heartily. Watch out with the mustard that Elizabeth will offer you, I felt it far too deeply in my nostrils, and I have an impressive conk, as St Nick keeps reminding me.

We have our own local milkman, local butcher, local wine merchant and a local baker, so all our food is fresh and locally sourced. Soda Bread Cafe

In addition to making all food to order using fresh ingredients, Soda Bread Cafe is home to many locally sourced wines, beers and ciders. I sampled one of these, the Dunkerton’s Organic cider. Interestingly, Dunkertons was founded by Ivor and Susie, the parents of Julian Dunkerton, who went on to co-found fashion brand Superdry.

…we use Breakwells Seedling apples for their fresh and aromatic flavour, the Knotted Kernel because of its sweetness, the Court Royal because of its delicate fragrance, and, Yarlington Mill for its full-bodied juice. Dunkertons

I must say, Soda Bread Cafe is an impressive eatery. The modest shop front conceals a cafe of fine quality with excellent customer service and delicious food. I was delighted on my first visit and shall doubtless go again for my lunch.