After being inspired by the Pieter de Hooch exhibition at the Prisenhof museum, the gang and I took lunch at Stads Koffyhuis (which is as fun to pronounce as it is to write). This place is situated on one of Delft’s more picturesque canals. We were granted the finest table with a view of the canal. Koffyhuis is renown for its award winning sandwiches, having won best sandwich in Holland for several non-consecutive years.

Firstly let me tell you about this cup of coffee. The Delft Leut, containing hot milk, strong espresso and milk foam, served in a tall glass. We had caramel on the top of ours. I cannot really describe the wonderful mesh of flavour which hit us. The smoothness of the coffee blended beautifully (in terms of flavour and visually) which pleased us so much we had to have another one each!

I ordered the Flipse, which won best sandwich in the Netherlands for 2017. It was made of a gilded corn roll, covered with a spread of pickle and Amsterdam onions and mustard mayonnaise. These were topped by a warm beef pastrami with melted cheddar cheese, white cabbage and dried tomatoes. This was just a joy. A truly exceptional sandwich bursting with flavour from each element. A truly symphonic blend.

Louise in her ancient wisdom opted for the Farmer’s Salad which contained pickle, cucumber, red onion, dried tomatoes and pecans as well as something called “Aunt Door” chicken. I had a mouthful of Louise’s fried chicken and was impressed. As the Grand Dame herself would say, this meal was most satisfactory.

Matthew, seen here with his detestable fitbit and very nice Devred 1902 Prince of Wales check jacket, opted for a bacon & cheese pancake. Why one would do such a thing in a sandwich restaurant is beyond the considerable deductive powers of this critic. In any case, it was perfectly OK. Having grown up in France, I was privy to my fair share of crepe and was not impressed by this offering at least, and indeed at most.

So impressed were we three travellers that we ordered a fourth meal for the table which we shared. This was the winner of 2nd best vegetarian sandwich in the Netherlands. The Take Time consisted of a dark brown Gildekorn bulb richly topped with Boeren Gouda cheese. This cheese in combination with apple syrup, spicy mustard, arugula, fresh figs and walnuts makes this sandwich a real treat. Personally, I did not care for the apple but overall I was impressed by Koffeehuis’ ingenuity.

Overall, This restaurant did blow us away. The attentiveness of the staff paired with the quality of the ingredients and inventive chefs made for a winning combination. I recommend this place to anyone in the general area, or those in the country as a whole.