As has become our habit, Louise and I went out for Sunday Lunch after Mass last week. Being a dame of great discernment and grace, one can but choose the finest establishments at which to dine, while in her company. Hence, the week before last, we ate at The Bell Inn, Welford. Elated from our devastatingly delicious fare, I decided to take us to the next Bell, this time in the idyllic village of Tanworth-in-Arden.

For this reviewer at least, and indeed at most, Tanworth is the apex of quaint old England. This is where I aspire to live. Louise described it, in her inimitable fashion, as “rather bijoux”. And she isn’t wrong.

Onto luncheon. The food here is unspeakably good. Both Louise and I were left in a state of utter disarray. For starters, I had the porc terrine. There was no porc on either traditional or slow roast menu. So I had to have some for a starter. It is pictured below. What a treat it was. Really wonderfully layered flavours. The butter was superb as well, this is often an overlooked part of one’s meal. 

Louise opted for the cauliflower soup. I had a loud sip and must say, her taste in friends is as exquisite as her taste in starters. Truly a lesson is to be learned on subtlety of flavours. One can often tell when food is made from scratch. This was one such dish. See it below. 

Onto the traditional Sunday Lunch. I’ve attached the menu options just below for your perusal. I went for the beef, whereas Louise went for the Lamb.

Let me tell you, the Bell in Tanworth absolutely knows how to make a Sunday lunch. They smashed it out of the park so sensationally that we were left reeling. Such majestic infusions of traditional flavours are seldom achieved. The stuffing in the Welsh Lamb was just breathtaking. The gravy combined with my beef just made me slump back in my seat and contemplate the joy of being alive.

What a time to be alive and sentient. But the meal was not over yet. Somehow I decided I wanted more. I could but muster the courage to eat one dessert. But what a dessert it was. I tried the raspberry cheesecake. Just flabbergasting. Light and yet wholesome. It is pictured below.

Overall I cannot do anything except recommend the Bell Tanworth with all my might. I’ve seldom eaten out better, or in such a place. The staff were so attentive and professional, Amy especially. I was shocked at how well we were looked after. We left on a cloud. Everything was peaches and cream. Louise and I could not shake the feeling that our lives were materially improved for eating here. I hope yours shall also.