I can attribute the majority of my travels, far and near, to my work. Being in Solihull was no exception. One seldom goes to such places of their own free will. But, let it be known that I was pleasantly surprised to find The Farm, a converted barn restaurant.

Make sure you go into the building on the left, not the right, if you’re looking for a delicious meal. I made the mistake and had to go around again in the pouring rain! Don’t do that to yourself, even in resplendent sunshine.

This Grade II listed building was established around 1495, but the feel inside now is really rather modern. They have redone the place to a wonderful standard. Truly impressive. The vaulted beams are a particular highlight for me. I love a good beam. The lamp covers are made of clear marble. They look exceedingly heavy. And delightful.

Onto the main event. On account of my estate agents being deplorably slow and inefficient, I was forced to stay in a hotel for a few days. On one such day, I went off to Solihull. Needless to say, I needed something to sate my deep dissatisfaction. The Farm provided relief in spades. The place was warm and welcoming. The staff were faultless. I was truly looked after.

Complimentary homemade bread with a vinegar and olive oil dip were brought to me. Fabulous. Much much needed after the day I had had. But what followed really stole the show.

What more could one want from a Sunday lunch than that which is contained in the above photographs? Splendid succulent lamb, a panoply of perfect English vegetables. Wonderfully consistent gravy. Just a winning combination overall. This is what one needs after a rough few days. I was for a brief moment, in heaven.

Reality has a way of crushing you after periods of joy. This day was no exception.

However, The Farm Solihull provided all the warmth and nourishment I needed. I recommend it for you if you want a stylish, fun, flavoursome experience in Solihull. You won’t soon forget the roast lamb!