Sunday lunch will never be the same again. Louise and I, in typical delectable fashion, went out for a meal after Mass to discuss the ramifications of what we have just heard. The High Field was the subject of our culinary assault on this occasion.

We went all out and got three courses. Such is the case when one is famished and deeply affected by their faith. Who knew Catholicism would create such hunger.

Louise opted for the pheasant terrine as a starter. There is something quite divine about the combination of this light terrine and rye bread. I cannot describe how fluffy the bread was. Clearly of very high quality, either made in house of by a bakery.

I, on the other hand, has a gorgeous mushroom and breadcrumb ragu, which was unbelievable. Everything was done to perfection. The sauce was light and not too salty, the mushrooms combined with breadcrumbs and sage made for a delicious crunchy and flavoursome meal. The pasta was cooked just right. I was completely amazed by this and so was Louise. Sadly, she’s not often left speechless.

For the main we both opted for roasts. Louise, in her typical fashionable fashion, went for the pork. I went for the lamb. We are both creatures of habit it seems.

Have you ever seen a Yorkshire pudding quite so large? I had the chance to sample a little of Louise’s before it completely disappeared down her shapely gullet. Divinity made (pork) flesh. Really excellent food. MElt in the mouth, gravy was wonderful. Everything totally top notch. My lamb was just as good.

I love that the mash was under the lamb shank. The roasties were stunning, cooked in good quality oil. The Yorkshire pudding was clearly homemade. You can’t buy puddings that magnificent looking. But the lamb really stole the show. I’ve seldom had a dish so succulent and flavoursome. Certainly not in Birmingham. Top marks for this dish. But now let’s talk about the sides.

Out of the fried stuffing balls, cabbage and cauliflower cheese, I would have to say the stuffing really stood out. This is something which this reviewer insists you try should you lunch at the High Field. There’s no real way to describe them other than jaw dropping.

For dessert I had the cheesecake. Louise and I had to share because we were both so completely stuffed by what came before. It is pictured for your dribbling delectation below.

The lemon sauce, biscuit base, light cheesecake – totally and completely baffling. I was trying to find it on their menu but have since realised that we were there for the final Sunday of the winter menu at the High Field. Now the spring menu is in full force, ready to delight us with more wonderful dishes.

The High Field is a restaurant with which to be reckoned. I have seldom eaten so consistently well in this town. Nor have I seen service comparable to this anywhere. The staff walked around in the restaurant with platters of roasties and Yoskhire puddings for the diners, free of charge. This astounded me more than anything else. The High Field gets 10/10. When I have a reliable income, I shall dine here far more often. Bravo to the team.